Hay Trailers

We have several hay trailers for sale.  Trailers can be set up the way you would like them.  The guys in the shop can build you hay racks to your liking, from flip in/flip out, to stationary racks, also A frames for the front of trailer  We also have a few pups available.

  • We have 4 Fruehauf trailers that are 53X102.  They all have good decking on them, tires and brakes are about 50%, air ride, spread axle
  • We also have a few older trailers that would good hay trailers for hauling hay out of the field.  Trailers are older, have decent brakes and tires, decking is okay, closed tandem, spring ride

Talk to Charles today!!!  The pricing on the hay trailers all depends on the trailer and how you would like them set up.  Here are a few examples of what we have!!



Fruehauf Trailers



Other hay trailers


Hay Racks